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4G Magnetic GPS Tracker Setup & 3G/4G Legacy ProductsUpdated a year ago

Just got your new 4G GPS Tracker but unsure how to set it up, step by step? Check out our guide here so you don't miss a step!

Getting Started


  1. Purchase or use a SIM Card from an Australian Provider to use with your device (We recommend Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. Telstra has the best rural coverage).
  2. Make sure the SIM Card you are going to use has Call, SMS and Data (This is integral to get the GPS setup and working!). To do this, you can top-up the SIMs plan at your local provider, through their website or via your mobile phone (If you do use your phone, keep the SIM outer-shell as you need the full-sizing for the GPS).
  3. Charge the GPS for at least 10-12 hours prior to setup. If the device hasn’t been charged, there can be a significant decrease in overall battery life and performance.
  4. Download the WINNIES GPS app from the App Store or Google Play Store, which will be used to login and track your GPS.


Syncing your SIM and GPS


  1. Insert the topped up, full-size SIM into the GPS Tracker until it clicks/locks into place (You may want to use a credit card or similar to click it into the device).
  2. To turn the GPS on, flick the switch on the device towards the inserted the SIM. Place the tracker outside for the best signal to complete the following steps.
  3. Text the mobile number of newly activated SIM that you inserted into the GPS with the following commands:

    1. Begin123456
    You will get the “begin ok” reply from the GPS within 1-2 minutes, if not the SIM may not be correctly activated.

    2. Apn123456 connect (Example Command - Optus Customer) 
    The above command is provider-specific due to the fact that each Telco has their own specific APN (3G/4G Network). In our provided example we have used an Optus Sim Card.
    Note: A space is required between Apn123456 and the providers APN 

    This command will return an “apn ok” response within a few minutes and connects the device with the providers network.Here are the APNs of our recommended providers:






connect (or: yesinternet)


3. Gprs123456

This command engages the GPS positioning and connection and will return “gprs ok” when synched with your provider.

4. Check123456

This is used to confirm your commands have been inputted and

“wake up” the GPS if needed. We often use this to troubleshoot.


That’s the most complicated part of the process done!


Getting into the App


Return to the WINNIES GPS app that you downloaded and use the following steps to login.


  1. Before anything else, at the bottom of the app ensure you’ve selected the bottom left IMEI/ID login option.
  2. In the top field, enter the server:
    4G Magnetic GPS Tracker:
    3G/4G Legacy GPS Trackers:
  3. In the second field, enter the IMEI/ID which is on the side/end of your GPS unit. This is most likely 4209 or 6209.
  4. In the third field the default password is 123456, you can change this to a custom password after you’ve logged into the app.


Congratulations, you’re all setup!

Your GPS Trackers position will show it’s current location within 5-10 minutes of completing this setup guide. 

If you are not getting the current location or had other issues, please contact the store via email [email protected] or call us on 1300 681 609 (Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-5 AWST).

Setup Reference Images

What your “Syncing your SIM and GPS” commands should look like:

What “Getting into the App” should look like:

(Note that the bottom left login option is selected)

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