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Kids Smart watchUpdated a year ago

Setting up the new kids watch :

1- charge the unit for 3-4 hours initially

2- Getting a calling and texting sim card for the watch , it can be a prepaid calling and texting sim with minimum of data eg :

3- Once you activate the sim cards, save the dedicated mobile number of the kids smart watch in your phone as one of the contacts

4- while the watch is turn off , insert the sim card. The sim card size is micro sim with the copper side facing upwards

5- Now download the app SeTrack on your android or Apple phone ( you can scan the direct link from the barcode in the booklet of the watch )

6- Once downloaded the app Signup with your email address , insert a unique code app will send to your email address and generate a password which is a combination of alphabels and number and minimum of 6-8 characters

7- Login in the app

8- Press and hold the power button of the watch to turn if on , hold the power button for 10 seconds till the display comes along with a start up tone

9- Now click on me at the bottom corner of the app and then device list to scan the bar code of the watch 

10- Go to home and click on map to locate the watch location

11- Go to home and settings to setup the SOS numbers, You can assign 3 emergency contacts on the watch. Upon pressing and holding the physical button on the watch , the watch will automatically connect to the each numbers sequentially from top to bottom . If the first person fails to reach out , the watch automatically dials the second and the third number

12- You can predefine the safe zones on the watch from 20meters up to 500meters around the watch and if the watch exits the area, you will get an alert on your phone with the help of the app notification, you can create up-to 5 safety zones via phone app. You can also track back the 180 days of tracking as this records on the app cloud storage.

13 - Beside tracking other features are video calling , remote photos , audio video chats, steps count and sleep monitoring , pinging the watch if lost the watch via app.

FAQs :

When I'm sending messages from the app, in Chat, and it comes up with a red exclamation mark, does that mean there's a problem at my end?

kindly check the sim card and ensure that the sim is a calling and a texting sim card with enough balance to produce a call and Not a data sim. Once you confirm this, please turn off the watch and  eject the sim and reinsert it and turn the watch off and try sending those massages again. This should fix the issue , if not please let me know so we can escalate this issue at our end

I have wifi and internet and calls enabled, so not sure why messages are not going through.
- This happens due to the nature of the sim card, please confirm if the sim card that you are using is a mobile calling and texting sim just like a basic mobile prepaid plan

Am I able to listen in live to the watch please?
-yes you can definitely generate a video call and chat via app in your phone directly to the watch.You can even take the pictures from the phone app remotely

With the Remote Photo function, is that for ME to take photos while the child is wearing the watch?
Yes, you can remotely click photos through the app to see what child is watch with out even needing to make any changes on the watch 

Can the child send me photos  as well?
Unfortunately, the child cant send you the photos. They can video call and send audio msgs via chat option on the watch

Can you explain what LBS means?
if GPS data cannot be obtained, the system uses LBS as a backup. For example, when a car enters underground parking, the observer can see the last known accurate GPS location and current GSM-based location (with some accuracy range).

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