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LawMate PV CAM Connection GuideUpdated a year ago

Linked below is a brief Guide on how to connect your LawMate WiFi enabled device to your phone and the PV CAM app. Be sure the device is fully charged before attempting to connect it to your phone. 

Below is a list of the LawMate WiFi enabled Devices

  • PV-500Neo
  • PV-EP10w Headphones
  • PV-RC200HDW Keyfob
  • PV-PH10W In-Car Phone Holder
  • PV-CC10W Coffee Cup
  • PV-NB10W Binder
  • LawMate iPhone Dock
  • PV-DY20i DIY Camera
  • PC-AC10i Wall AC Adapter
  • PV-IP7w iPhone Case
  • PV-NB20i PowerBank DVR
  • PV-BT10I Bluetooth Speaker
LawMate PV Cam App.pdf354KB

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