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Smart Voice Recorder Wrist Watch SetupUpdated a year ago

Please ensure that the device has been plugged into power for at least 2 hours.

You are able to charge the device by removing the silicone strap from the watch. This device will then simply plug into a standard USB-A female slot on the side of your windows based laptop/PC. 

- Please open the "MEMOQ" USB that comes up and click into the "Time Setup file" seen here:

-You will be provided with a number of customization options below, including

  • Recording quality
  • VOS (Voice activated recording)
  • VOS sensitivity (How sensitive you would like the mic pickup to be in VOS mode)
  • General Mic sensitivity
  • Scheduled recording 
  • Theme of the watch display

Once you have selected all of the features you would like to use on this device, simply press start to activate the watch. 

- To turn on the watch, please hold the button on the right hand side of the watch until the screen illuminates

-This will then show the standard display for the watch:


- To turn on the recording function on the watch, please press the button on the right hand side once, until the small white recoding symbol flashes on the top left hand side of the watch: 

Simply place the silicone strap back on the watch, and you're all set!

- To listen into the finished recordings, please press on the voice file seen below;

-This will then show you all of your voice files in a standard MP3 format seen here, 

Please contact us at 1300681609 if you need further assistance. 

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