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SP-TR-200 | Hidden Spots of Hardwire GPS TrackerUpdated 8 months ago

The Hardwire GPS Trackers are usually placed at specific spots which can one of the following :

1. Under the Dash

2. Behind the Glove Compartment:

3. Inside the OBD-II Port:

   - Tech-savvy trackers connect seamlessly to the car's diagnostic system.

4. Within the Seats

5. Under the Hood Charade

   - Hiding amid the components beneath the bonnet.

6. Bumper Blues

   - Concealed within the bumper structure, avoiding routine inspections.

7. Behind Tail Lights

8. Trunk

 - From beneath the spare tire to behind the trunk lining.

9. Wheel Well Whispers

   - Hidden in the wheel well, staying undetected.

10. Mirror 

    - Reflective deception behind side mirrors, a clever vantage point.

These units are hardwired and avoided to be placed any where they get direct contact to hot surface or moisture.

To find these trackers you can always check out the BUG DETECTORS which can find the accurate spot where these units are concealed in the vehicle such as RD-30 ( finds both wired and wireless GPS trackers, hidden cameras, listening device )

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