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TK STAR SETUP from start till the endUpdated a year ago

Thanks a lot for your call today and sorry for the inconvenience about the sim card. I have listed up a list of commands that you will require to send once you receive your unit and install an active sim card ( please save the number of the new sim you will activate in your phone ). Please make sure that the sim card has been activated as CALLING & TEXTING Sim .

Initiate the setup :

The sim package :

The sim card goes in the tracker is :

( full size and the chip side facing upwards )

Once you put the sim card in the tracker and click it in , a blue / red led light comes up next to the sim tray, that indicates that the sim card is installed correctly:

Send these sms messages to the trackers mobile number :

SMS1- Adminip123456 7700

Responds : adminip ok

SMS2- Begin123456

Responds: begin ok

SMS3: Apn123456 telstra.internet

Responds: apn ok

SMS4: Gprs123456

Responds: gprs ok

SMS5 : Check123456

Responds: Check ok

Download the app : Winnies GPS Tracker

Make sure to click on LOGIN BY ID  at the bottom :

The setup is completed.

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