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Setting up a Hardwire trackerUpdated a year ago

Here is the step wise guide for the hardwire unit right from the beginning :

Setting up the sim card :

The trackers requires an active dedicated mobile number a prepaid one with calling and texting and as low a 1 gb data per month.
Please save the mobile number in your phone once you activate the sim card for the tracker.
Inserting the sim card in the tracker :

A Medium size sim card goes into the tracker:

  • Make sure the TRACKER IS Powered OFF before setup
  • Micro Sim CARD to be installed in the tracker with the Copper side facing Skywards
  • Turn the Switch to ON
  • Connect the tracker to car power socket or to the USB slot for powering it up if initiating the setup at home
  • Wait for 30 - 60 seconds till the tracker bootup and get ready for Setup
  • RED , BLUE & GREEN Lights flashing means tracker is ready for SETUP

  • Send SMS Commands to trackers mobile number once the sim is active :
  • APN,Connect# for OPTUS,
  • APN,Telstra.internet# for TELSTRA,
  • APN, for VODAFONE.
  • SENDS,0#
  • TIMER,10,10#
Wiring the tracker :
Please make sure that the wiring is done directly to the accessory port of the vehicle
Please find a doc linked below with all the setup guide. Please feel free to reach us out if you find any issue with the setup as we will be happy to assist you over the phone to get the setup done.

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