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GPS Tracker FAQs

Does the GPS make a noise?

No, our GPS Trackers do not have a speaker, and cannot make a noise.

GPS Tracker Time is not Correct

Please email us the IMEI / ID number of the GPS Tracker, the mobile number of the inserted SIM card and your preferred timezone. We will remotely update your device details.

The GPS Tracking Isn't very Accurate

Out of the box the tracker sends a location update once every 15 seconds, this can be adjusted to variable times depending on your product. Depending on your selected service providers network coverage, the accuracy of the GPS Tracker may vary betwee

GPS has responded to SMS commands still showing as "OFFLINE"

If the GPS has responded to the SMS commands it's possible you may have entered the Apn incorrectly. Below is a list for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone apn commands for the Slim and Heavy Duty GPS Trackers. Telstra SMS GPS -  Apn123456 Telstra.Internet.

GPS Not Responding to SMS Commands

If you have sent an SMS command to the unit and it has not responded within 5 mins check the GPS is on and move it to a location where it can see the sky. You could also check by turning the GPS off, removing the Sim Card and placing it into your pho

GPS Showing as "OFFLINE"

It's normal for the GPS to show as OFFLINE when it has been stationary for 10 mins or more.If you think there is an issue with the GPS or would just like to check it is working send an SMS to the GPS saying - Check123456 - the GPS should respond with

How to Activate the Remote Listening Feature

The GPS Slim/Heavy Duty is capable of being used as a listening device, to convert the GPS into a listening device send the SMS command. Monitor123456. you'll then be able to call the device and listen to voice's in the vicinity of the unit. Once fin

Prepaid Sim Card Activations

In this time, the GPS can have positioning issues and connection issue as the sim card needs to be fully activated and functional for the GPS to operate. The sim card can be tested by being inserted inside a mobile phone. You will need to do the belo

Setting up a Hardwire tracker

Here is the step wise guide for the hardwire unit right from the beginning :.

Magnetic slab - Asset Trackers setup

How to put the magnetic slab on the asset tracker :.