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Help with setting up GPS Slim/Heavy Duty

If you are really struggling with getting the GPS setup, please email us [email protected] or call us on 1300 681 609 so we can have a team member can assist. Please make sure you have an active SimCard that has both call and data credit and

​3G & 4G GPS Tracker Universal SMS Text Commands

Used for SKU SP-TR-100, SP-TR-400. 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker and other GPS Trackers.

4G JIMI Portable Magnetic GPS Setup Guide

Find the 4G JIMI Portable Magnetic GPS Setup Guide attached:.

Slim & Heavy 3G/4G GPS Setup Guide

Find the Slim & Heavy 3G/4G GPS Setup Guide attached;.

4G Magnetic GPS Tracker Setup & 3G/4G Legacy Products

Just got your new 4G GPS Tracker but unsure how to set it up, step by step? Check out our guide here so you don't miss a step!. Provider. APN. Telstra. telstra.internet. Optus. connect (or: yesinternet). Vodafone. 3. Gprs123456. Th

TK STAR SETUP from start till the end

Thanks a lot for your call today and sorry for the inconvenience about the sim card. I have listed up a list of commands that you will require to send once you receive your unit and install an active sim card ( please save the number of the new sim y

SP-TR-200 | Hidden Spots of Hardwire GPS Tracker

The Hardwire GPS Trackers are usually placed at specific spots which can one of the following :. 1. Under the Dash. 2. Behind the Glove Compartment:. 3. Inside the OBD-II Port:. - Tech-savvy trackers connect seamlessly to the car's diagnostic system.